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Bahrain Water Bottling & Beverages Co S.P.C, is a 100 % subsidiary of TRAFCO. It is one of the most modern water bottling plant established in 1997. BWBB is an ISO certified company and is one of the leading players in the bottled drinking water business in Bahrain.Bahrain Water Bottling Company was incorporated in the year 1995 and started commercial production in 1997. BWBB is an ISO 22000:2005 and HACCP certified company by SGS GULF, UAE. Further, we are accredited by U.S Navy due to our stringent consistent quality management. The company follows the NSF and ABWMA standards for quality control. We derive our water from two aquifiers which is well known for its consistent quality and sweetness. The water sourced from the aquifiers is processed with the most modern technology and is packed with the right combination of minerals required for human body as per the recommendations of W.H.O. The company’s brands like Tylos, Selsabil and Marwa are the leading brands in Bahrain. We are the leading private label manufacturer to a lot of reputed companies like ALBA, BDF, Bahrain International Circuit (BIC), Fucom group, Toyota, TRAFCO (Metro) and many other companies in the HORECA channel as well as reputed Telecom companies(Viva, Batelco) and Jewelers (Malabar Gold, Joy Alukkas, Asian Jewelers, Devji’s). ldeal Mineral Water: Our bottled drinking water is as pure as it can be. After all, it is obtained from aquifiers that are renowned for their consistent purity and refreshing qualities. The aquifiers are situated in some of the cleanest environments in Bahrain where they are free from any industrial pollution or contamination. The result: pure mineral water. Consistent purity from production to consumption: Our bottled drinking water is processed in a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, It is bottled in zero-bacteria atmosphere and the entire production process is fully automated, untouched by human hands. Even the manufacture of the bottle is virtually free of human intervention. As a result, the chances of any contamination is totally eliminated. Good quality, taste and freshness in every drop: Our bottled drinking water is treated by reverse osmosis process for optimum purification. This makes it palatable to human taste. What’s more, the water is then ozonated to make it completely bacteria-free. Ozone is much more desirable than chlorine as it leaves no residue or cause a taste and odour problem. Good choice for good health: Our bottled drinking water contains the ideal composition of minerals with fluoride which are essential requirements for the human body as recommended by health experts The leading brand, make it your No. 1 choice: Unbeatable quality, absolute purity, perfect taste, convenient packing, economical price and easy availability have all made Our Brands the No. 1 choice amongst consumers in Bahrain. Make it your first choice too.


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